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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Sunday 05.06.2001

Day 8

Today we did not go see Laura, insted we picked up Sheila and went to the snow capped mountains. First we went up to the dam that is in the mountains. After taking a whole bunch of pictures we went ddown to a Kazak restaurant this is in the mountains.

Sunday morning was a do nothing morning.
Igor & Don were picking us up at noon. Jim ate breakfast, played solitaire, checked the scores (Pens lost again!), took a shower, read & finally got Sarah up at 10:45am.
At noon we were picked up. Went to pick up Sheila & headed to the mountains. Went up & up & up & into a National Park. Destination was the Medeo Recreation Area. Went past the Olympic Skating Rink & way up on the Almaty earthen dam.
Spent alot of time walking across & back on the dam. Took tons of pictures of snow-capped peaks & valleys, ski lifts, etc. Back down by the ice rink, we went to the Kazak Aul traditional Kazak restaurant.

Sat on little stools at a low table in a urta hut. guy at the table next to us- I recognized him as a Brit businessman from when we got our baggage at the Almaty airport.
Had three main courses. First course was a platter of -horsemeat-was very good-tasted like roast beef. Then we had steamed Kazak dumplings. After that were delicious lamb & chicken shish kabobs. We also had breads & salads, vodka (yuk!), coke, beer. Dessert was raisins, walnuts, dried apricots & tea with milk. All of us ate well except for Sarah.

Next, we headed back down to the city & were dropped off at a National Art Gallery. Igor & Don had oranges for an English-speaking guide for us (Jim, Sarah & Sheila). Was a very interesting tour, especially the scenes of nomadic Kazak life. The featured exhibition was on tulips. The guide saw my Pittsburgh Penguins shirt & said that last year, they had an Andy Warhol featured exhibition.
After the tour, we waited outside (10 minutes) for Igor. He took us to a local store since Sheila needed a heavy outfit for Benjamin plus some perfume for someone at the orphanage.
Next stop-the apartment. No Olga today, as we told her not to come today.
Tatayana called at night & said we'd only be going to the orphanage in the afternoon.
Talked to Suze at the usual time.

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